Supplier Diversity

Please review the following information to learn about Catholic Health Partners' (CHP) Supplier Diversity Initiative and Policy, including eligibility requirements and how to pursue business opportunities with CHP.

Statement of Executive Support for CHP's Supplier Diversity Policy
Catholic Health Partners is committed to the principles of diversity and equal opportunity in all of our endeavors. CHP applies these principles to its purchasing activity by encouraging the participation and development of diverse suppliers capable of meeting or exceeding performance standards established by CHP's Supply Chain Management Department.

Our supplier diversity goals and objectives target small business enterprises of all genders and ethnicities. At CHP, we believe that strengthening and expanding our supplier base with small, diverse businesses represents sound business practice. This contributes to lowering our operational costs and supports the overall health of the greater business community within the markets we serve.

CHP focuses this effort through our Supply Chain Management Department, and we actively identify, solicit and contract with diverse businesses that meet our performance requirements related to cost, quality and timeliness. Concurrently, we expect those with whom we engage in commerce to share similar commitments to increasing their own business with diverse suppliers.

View our Supplier Diversity Guidelines and learn How to Pursue Business Opportunities with CHP. We also invite you to learn more about our effort to improve diversity and inclusion throughout our health system.